Yogesh Bhatia

Yogesh Bhatia

Founder - B2BAdda.com

B2badda.com - an E-distribution platform for SMEs, B2B and GT business has brought in the ease of e-distribution to the old and archaic system of an offline distribution network. Buyers are getting a respite from door to door price checks, never-ending negotiations, delays and many other hassles of offline distribution. The user-friendly website and mobile app of B2Badda.com is a ray of hope in making the B2B business dealings much more efficient, transparent and organised.
The brands, sellers and buyers can easily manage their dashboard panel on their own. That saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in repeated inventory, pricing, product uploads, etc. B2Badda.com’s major focus areas are retailers, SMEs, B2B and GT. The platform’s reach will very soon be deeper, much more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the traditional network. 


This is How E-commerce Companies can Protect Consumer Data

The consumer needs to be assured that the virtual information and data that they share would be safeguarded and used only as expected by them.

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