Ziad Awad

Ziad Awad

Guest Writer / CEO, Awad Capital

Ziad Awad is the CEO of Awad Capital, an independent Dubai-based, DFSA-regulated financial services firm specializing in M&A, corporate finance and capital markets advisory. Ziad has more than 20 years of investment banking experience, and has advised on around US$100 billion of M&A and half a trillion of capital markets transactions, mostly for sovereign borrowers including the U.K., Germany, France, and Belgium. Prior to founding Awad Capital in 2013, Awad held a number of senior positions with Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in Dubai, and with Goldman Sachs in Dubai, London and Paris. His career spans M&A, with specializations in industrials, energy and power, as well as the debt capital markets and trading businesses.


How Much Is Too Much? Money Is Definitely Flowing Into Dubai's Consumer Sector

Why are consumer related investment sectors so popular across the Middle East?

Seven Reasons Sovereigns Can And Should Issue Debt (Or Sukuk)

Ziad Awad, CEO of Awad Capital, a Dubai-based, DFSA-regulated financial institution, evaluates the GCC and why sovereigns should issue debt, or sukuk.
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