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Company Overview – In 2017, David Farney identified a need in the consumer debt space. He understood there were options available for folks to address overwhelming debt, but none seemed to benefit the consumer as much as they did the creditor. He knew there had to be a better way, without the need for bankruptcy. Advanz Solutions was born. We are not a debt settlement or debt consolidation company, rather a full service, comprehensive Debt Resolution back-end provider addressing the debt, credit and financial education needs of our partner’s clients. We were founded on the principal of putting the needs of our partners and their clients first.

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Our Model – Since inception, Advanz Solutions provides a comprehensive back-end support team to our partners in the consumer debt space. It allows our partners to focus on educating their clients regarding options based upon their unique situation to address their credit challenges. Once enrolled, Advanz Solutions takes over. Our services include client communication, customer service, billing and communication with 3rd party collection agents as well as all three credit bureaus. Once the client completes their program, they are provided with financial education and the tools necessary to maintain their newly found financial health.

Training – Many of our partners have extensive history in the consumer debt space, while some wanted to make the transition from another industry. Our 3 day training benefits everyone and can be tailored as needed. Training is conducted over Zoom, along with collateral. All training calls are recorded and provided at the end of each session as a reference guide. Ongoing training is available, along with industry updates.

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Product / Service – Advanz Solutions is a back end provider for sales organizations in the consumer debt space. Our Debt Resolution program is broken into three steps.

  1. Debt Validation – Utilizing existing consumer protection laws, we challenge 3rd party collection agents on 2 fronts. First, is the debt they are trying to collect valid? Second, do they have the legal right to collect the debt?
  2. Credit Restoration – When it is determined by the 3rd party collection agent that the debt is not valid nor collectable, we are provided written confirmation of the non-collectable status of the debt. We then package that documentation and submit it to all 3 credit bureaus to have the item corrected on the consumer’s credit report. This starts the credit healing process.
  3. Financial Education – Many consumers have never been afforded the opportunity of a formal financial education. We feel it’s extremely important to educate consumers on financial management, both with credit and debt, in hopes they never find themselves in the same challenged position in the future. We all want referral business, not repeat business!
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Benefits of Advanz Solutions – Our partners have chosen us for several reasons. First, we are an Accredited A+ rated organization with the Better Business Bureau, which is almost impossible in this industry. Our client support is second to none and we put the needs of our partners and their clients first. By doing so, we allow our sales partners to do what they do best, SELL! Once the client has been successfully enrolled, Advanz Solutions takes over until the client completes the program.

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