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Running your own business from the comfort of your own home sounds like a dream come true. However, many other problems come up when you think about making that dream a reality. Where will you store your merchandise? Do you have pre-existing relationships with vendors who can provide your products at a reasonable cost? Who will take care of accounting, packaging, bill collection?

With Kaeser & Blair, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

5A1 Credit Rating

Since opening their doors in 1894, Kaeser & Blair has had a stable history of distributing promotional products. They are known as a leader in the Promotional Products Industry; an industry that recently hit an all-time record high of $26 billion in sales.

To back up their years of experience, Kaeser & Blair has earned several top-quality ratings with other business professionals. For example, they earned a D&B credit rating of 5A (an industry-specific ASI high credit score) and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. When it comes to reputation, Kaeser Blair’s is beyond compare.

What are promotional products and why should I sell them?

If you take a look around your home, you most likely have a promotional product within reach. Maybe you have a pen on your desk, a t-shirt in your closet, or a tote bag by your front door. If these items have a logo or message on it promoting a business, then it’s a promotional product. If it’s in your home, you’ve kept it because it is useful, and it lasts. These products are an effective form of advertising because, with each use, you are reminded of the brand they promote.

What, Why, Where Promotional Products Are Sold

Sales by Product,Program, Industry

What is the opportunity?

Kaeser & Blair is a promotional products distribution company that helps entrepreneurs like you successfully run their own promotional products business. Just about every company uses promotional products, and they have to get them from somewhere. You could be the one to supply them

When you join Kaeser & Blair, you will officially be a business owner. However, unlike other direct sales companies, Kaeser & Blair won’t force you to share your clients or hit a specified sales quota. You also won’t be selling to friends and family who don’t need your products. You can choose when you work, where you work, and whom you work with.

Does becoming a business owner cost anything?

No matter what, every business requires some sort of start-up cost. However, the price of that start-up cost doesn’t need to be through the roof. The investment you make with Kaeser & Blair is one of the lowest in comparison to every other direct sales opportunity.

When you become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner, you can choose between several business packages at different price points to find the one that’s right for you.

The most popular choice is Standard Business Owner Package. At only $85, it includes everything you need to get started. From immediate access to online training assets and numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs to a large assortment of product samples, you’ll be all set to start selling.

The Premium Business Owner Package costs $299. It comes with the items included in the Standard Business Owner Package as well as a personalized website & email address, 50 Best Buys catalogs, 1,000 custom business cards, and 100 Javelina Tropical pens with your custom printed message promoting your new promotional products business.

If these still sound like too much of an investment, you could start your business for as little as $25 with the Starter Business Owner Package. Perfect for part-time business owners, this package comes with the Business Owner Reference Manual, 5-7 product samples, and immediate access to online training assets. You won’t find this opportunity anywhere else in the industry.

This opportunity is entirely risk-free. Once you reach your first $1,500 in sales, $85 of your investment will be refunded to you. That’s the cost of the Standard Business Owner Package – you could start your business for free! If you buy a package and realize Kaeser & Blair isn’t the right opportunity for you, then you can return the package within 30 days to get a full refund.

You can even try it before you buy it by requesting a Free Package with absolutely no obligation.

Is it worth it?


Kaeser & Blair has one of the highest profit potentials in the industry, and as your own boss, you are in control of how much you make. You could make as much as $185,000 a year!

Average Earnings

With Kaeser & Blair your earnings are calculated on an industry standard 50/50 split of the gross profit generated on each order. Business owners with an annual sales volume in excess of $50,000 become eligible for Kaeser & Blair’s Accelerated Profits Program, which provides them the opportunity to earn up to 65% of the gross profit generated on sales.

The Business Owner Referral Program is a great opportunity to profit by introducing other new business owners to Kaeser & Blair. It’s not multi-level marketing, it’s an incentive program to recruit and support other talented business owners to provide additional income and support.

On top of that, no one in the industry pays faster. In fact, payments are direct deposited within 24-48 hours of an order being submitted to Kaeser & Blair.

You’re never alone.

Along with the tools found in the starter packages, Kaeser & Blair has a dedicated staff to assist you with product information and orders. The Dealer Support team is ready to assist you in maintaining your business success.

To sum it up…

Kaeser & Blair is a very highly respected company in the Promotional Products Industry. Make money from your home on your own terms. By ordering one of their starter packages at a minimal start-up cost, you can run your own business with a tremendous earning potential.

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