10 Trending Blockchain Resources In 2022 Blockchain has become a buzzword we are hearing more and more. The technology has been available for over a decade, but it has gained significant popularity only in the past...

By Cristian Bustos

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Blockchain has become a buzzword we are hearing more and more. The technology has been available for over a decade, but it has gained significant popularity only in the past few years, with more people actively recognizing its power to revolutionize the digital world as it expands from fintech institutions to advertising, energy, and healthcare across the globe.

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Michela Menting, Research Director at ABI Research famously said: "The success of Blockchain in fintech has prompted significant investment in deploying the underlying infrastructure for application development and testing in other industries. Tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, HPE, and Oracle, among others, are pushing Blockchain-as-a-Service for first movers, often enabling integration with their existing enterprise software and cloud services."

With the demand for Blockchain technology increasing, having the skills and expertise required to thrive in the evolving crypto ecosystem will allow individuals to embrace a broader scope of career opportunities. Thus, it is crucial to start learning about Blockchain to have a competitive edge.

Here are ten significant Blockchain resources available this year:

Blockchain By IBM

Provided by IBM, this course allows users to gain insight into the basics of Blockchain. It tackles the fundamentals such as how to build basic Blockchain applications, understanding Hyperledger fabric, how to secure Blockchain solutions, as well as how to demystify Hyperledger fabric ordering and decentralization. Users will obtain hands-on experience on how to produce a Blockchain app with Hyperledger fabric Ethereum virtual machine.

Mars Learning Academy: E-Learning Platform

Founded two years ago by brothers Cristoforo and Francesco Zagaria, the hugely popular Mars Learning Academy is a constructive union of experts and enthusiasts. Punted as the first crypto academy, users are able to find the most varied sectors of Blockchain like Defi, NFT, Mining, Staking, Liquidity Pool, and Trading Room with basic and advanced courses.

Blockchain And Deep Learning: Future Of AI

This course is provided by Udemy and provides a technical summary of Blockchain technology and deep learning. In this course, users will get a more conceptual overview and will understand how to use technologies of deep learning together with Blockchain. Users will be able to apply their knowledge in crucial areas where this technology may be utilized; these include health care, energy, autonomous driving, and finance.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

By going back to the basics, crypto scholars might find it helpful to go back to where it all started by reading the original piece by Satoshi Nakamoto. In the paper's conclusion, Nakamoto states, "We proposed a peer-to-peer network using proof-of-work to record a public history of transactions that quickly becomes computationally impractical for an attacker to change if honest nodes control a majority of CPU power. The network is robust in its unstructured simplicity."

Blockchain Theory 101

This is another great course by Udemy that covers the basics to give users an elementary understanding of Blockchain technology. It takes a look at the current status of Blockchain technology and the potential applications it may have in healthcare, energy, financial services, and logistics, as well as how to move forward regarding its deployment in an organization. Technical aspects of Blockchain, payment networks, Blockchain implementation, and Blockchain Consensus algorithms are some of the topics covered in the course.

Aantonop YouTube Channel

This channel is run by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, who is a highly sought-after expert in Bitcoin and open Blockchain technologies, as well as a best-selling author, speaker, and educator. The channel has over 300 000 subscribers and provides free, educational videos on Bitcoin and open Blockchain.


CodeAcademy delivers a Blockchain certification short course that will take users around 2 hours to complete—it also requires no pre-requisites. This course will familiarize users with the various structures and properties of Blockchain along with each block that creates it. Users will be introduced to the features that make up this technology.

Blockchain Certification

Blockchain Certification Training by Edureka is an insightful course that covers key Blockchain concepts, platforms, and cryptocurrencies. Users will learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, MultiChain, Hyperledger, and other major currencies. The course includes demonstrations that are hands-on to provide a better understanding of the crypto ecosystem.

Digital Gold

In its release year, this book by Nathaniel Popper takes a closer look at bitcoin, its anonymous creator, and the early days of digital currency. It explores many of the currency's central characters that have helped space today's ecosystem. The text covers South American and Asian millionaires, the Winklevoss twins, as well as Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of bitcoin. The author also investigates bitcoin and makes comparisons between digital currency and gold.

World Economic Forum's "What is Blockchain?"

This educational video is posted on the World Economic Forum's YouTube page. It shows how by using math and cryptography, Blockchains have been challenging the status quo in a pivotal way, leaving viewers to question if governments and financial institutions will embrace digital currency as a way of the future.

Final Thoughts

With Blockchain swiftly emerging as a technology that has the ability to transform multiple industries beyond just the financial sector, it can be beneficial for individuals from any industry across the globe to understand this technology.

As Blockchain experiences this rapid adoption across the board, it could be a groundbreaker for the technology space. In order to avoid redundancy, it is vital that individuals stay ahead of the times by gaining the basic fundamentals of blockchain technology through any reputable source of information.

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