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3 Mega-Cap Tech Stocks to Confidently Add on Dips

We discuss 3 mega-cap technology stocks to consider buying now.

This story originally appeared on MarketBeat

Risk happens fast in today's market, especially thanks to the rise of high-frequency algorithmic trading. Thursday's trading session is a good reminder that when the market rallies for weeks, it's more susceptible to sharp downturns that can catch market participants off-guard. While it's easy to get caught up in the wall of worry and negative headlines that tend to dominate financial media, the truth is that the long-term trend for the market is up until proven otherwise. That means investors and traders should view market dips as buying opportunities, especially in quality names that have strong long-term prospects.

Quite a few mega-cap technology stocks have been showing strength recently and might be nice dip-buying opportunities during market volatility, especially given their high levels of liquidity. We should also see several of these $200 billion or more market capitalization companies rally into their earnings this month, which means that buying the dip could pay off in a big way. If you are looking for some mega-cap tech names you can confidently add on dips, here are 3 to consider.


After months and months of consolidation, Apple has roared back to life and is now very close to breaking its all-time intraday high of $145.09. It's absolutely one of the best mega-cap tech stocks to add on dips and is the type of company that can be a cornerstone for any portfolio. As a manufacturer of consumer technology products including smartphones, tablets, PCs, software, and peripherals, Apple is a company that has created some of the most popular devices in the world. While the iPhone makes up the majority of Apple's revenue, innovative new products and services like the Apple Watch, Apple Pay, AirPods, and Apple Music are proof that this company can continue using its ingenuity to drive revenue higher.

It's astonishing to think about how Apple has grown into one of the world's only $2 trillion market capitalization companies, and a lot of that has to do with the success of the iPhone. What's also incredible is that there is still room for the company to grow, as smartphone penetration in emerging markets could present some nice opportunities for Apple in the coming years. There's also the fact that Apple customers tend to be loyal and generate repeat sales for the company, which means that as long as Apple continues to innovate it will be one of the best tech companies in the world. Apple reports its Q3 earnings on July 27th and a rally into the release would not be surprising.

Oracle Corp (NYSE:ORCL)

Another solid mega-cap stock to confidently add on dips is Oracle, the world's 2nd largest enterprise software company by revenue. Some of the company's products include database, middleware, application, and cloud-based software that is designed for general business purposes and for specific industries. It's a great example of an "old-school" technology company that is pivoting towards higher growth areas such as cloud software. The company became a tech powerhouse by providing databases for large-scale client-server applications in the late '90s, but Oracle's management recognizes that the future lies in the cloud.

While the company should still generate stable revenue from its legacy license and maintenance business in the near term, the company's cloud offerings are growing fast and could ultimately be what takes this company to new heights. For example, the company's Q4 Cloud Infrastructure revenue was up over 100% year-over-year. This is also a great option for long-term investors thanks to the company's strong dividend growth over the years and a share buyback program that can boost the stock price. The stock currently offers investors a 1.49% dividend yield and could be a great buy-the-dip candidate going forward.


Patient long-term shareholders of Amazon are being rewarded as the stock recently broke out of a year-long channel to reach new all-time highs. There's a chance that the move has only just begun, and it's clear that investors are optimistic about the company's new CEO Andy Jassy. You are probably familiar with Amazon's hugely successful e-commerce business, which has completely changed the way that people shop. There's also a lot to like about Amazon's AWS business that offers a set of technology services, including computing, storage, database, analytics, and machine learning.

The company's Amazon Prime subscription service is another strong component of its business, and the streaming platform is poised to gain even more market share after the company's acquisition of MGM. Finally, the fact that the Department of Defense decided to reconsider giving its $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to Microsoft could be another strong catalyst for Amazon stock going forward, as it is back in the running for the opportunity. Investors should confidently add shares of this mega-cap stock on dips, especially since it has a tendency to rally into its earnings report. contributor/ via MarketBeat

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