No, It's Not Just You: Customers Everywhere Are Having Meltdowns Over the Starbucks Mobile App Not Working Starbucks mobile app was down starting during early hours on Thursday.

By Emily Rella

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Chaos ensued from the early hours on Thursday when many tired and already disgruntled customers quickly found out that when checking their Starbucks card on the coffee chain's mobile app, it didn't appear to be working which left many begging the question of: Is Starbucks' app Down?

The answer: yes, and it was down bad.

The Starbucks mobile app, which allows users to order ahead, pay in person via their digital Starbucks card and earn stars towards Starbucks rewards, was down across the country for reasons unknown.

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Users received a pop-up notification that blamed an "internal error" occurring and urged customers to come back to the app later.

But for the caffeine addicts and Starbucks fanatics, later wasn't going to cut it.

Many dramatically took to the internet to lament about their woes and admitted first-world problems, facing the unknown horrors of having to communicate with people in real life and cursing the app for its inconvenience.

According to Down Detector, the first reported incidents of the Starbucks mobile app not working occurred just before 8:00 am ET, peaking around 10:10 am with over 1,000 reports recorded.

By 3 pm Thursday, there were still over 100 users unable to use their Starbucks card on their mobile app.

In a statement to Business Insider, the coffee chain confirmed that there was a "temporary outage" affecting the order ahead and pay feature in the Starbucks mobile app, but that the company would "We continue to welcome and serve customers in … drive-thrus and stores."

However, around 4:30 pm, Starbucks confirmed to Entrepreneur that the app had been restored to full functionality.

"Earlier today, some customers were briefly unable to access the order ahead and pay feature in the Starbucks app," A spokesperson for the coffee chain told Entrepreneur. "All functionality has been restored and customers are able to continue using the feature in the app."

All eyes have been on the coffee chain lately as many have been watching Starbucks unionizing efforts affecting workers in different cafes and locations across the country.

The first-ever union representing Starbucks workers was voted into effect last December in Buffalo, New York where workers in three separate Starbucks cafes in the Buffalo area will now be represented by a union.

Many other locations have followed suit, with Greenville becoming the first union-represented Starbucks location the state of South Carolina just two days ago.

Starbucks was down about 35.5% year over year late Thursday afternoon, presumably due to shakeups in leadership and other union-related concerns from investors.

Emily Rella

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