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Kanye West Says He Has Never Read A Book

On a recent podcast, Ye said reading is "like eating Brussels sprouts for me."


Kanye West, legally known as Ye, said on a recent podcast that he has never read a book, according to HuffPost.

Edward Berthelot / Contributor / Getty Images

Ye said reading is "like eating Brussels sprouts for me."

"And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli," he added.

Ye has been sighted multiple times at the Los Angeles-area restaurant Giorgio Baldi, and it is a favorite of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. (But there doesn't appear to be corn ravioli on the menu at present.)

He was speaking on a podcast called "Alo Mind Full," which dives into "mind-body wellness" and is hosted by Alyson Wilson, Alo's vice president of brand innovation.

"I actually haven't read any book," he said on the show.

The episode dropped a day after Rolling Stone reported that parents whose children are at his Simi Valley, California-area private school, Donda Academy, are asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Details about the private school (as Rolling Stone notes) are sparse.

Ye moved to break out of his contract with Gap last week so that he could be free to open his own Yeezy stores and is still expressing frustrations about his longer-standing deal with Adidas on Instagram.

He posted a photo of what appears to be a contract that references Adidas and Gap and wrote "Welp I guess the war's not over" on Sunday.

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