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New Jersey Mall Goes Wild For MrBeast Burger Opening

The philanthropic YouTuber brought a massive crowd to his burger store opening in a mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Monday.


MrBeast's burger-selling operation went brick-and-mortar on Sunday, and the grand opening brought in thousands, according to the BBC.

Dave Kotinsky / Stringer I Getty Images
MrBeast and others at physical launch

MrBeast, 24, is a YouTuber (real name Jimmy Donaldson) who started making videos at age 13 and has become "YouTube royalty," while amassing over 100 million subscribers. In his videos, he throws competitions and gives away large sums of money.

The burger company started two years ago as a roving ghost kitchen, where people could cook, sell, and deliver the branded burgers.

But its first physical outpost opened in New Jersey on Sunday, according to

The outlet reported that the mall was stuffed with people, "some holding signs or wearing MrBeast merchandise, the queue wrapping around everywhere."

It looked pretty chaotic online, too.

Several people also spoke with Mashable about why they went to the mall to get a Beast burger. A few people slept at the mall the night before or stayed up all night.

"The atmosphere of the mall was overwhelming but a positive feeling. Half the stores were closed the whole day and there didn't seem to be anyone shopping who wasn't there for MrBeast," another person told the outlet.

But it didn't play well with everyone. The mall was a scene of "chaos and confusion," Rolling Stone wrote that "[brought] out the worst in everyone."

The YouTuber seemed surprised to see so many people there:

Guinness World Records got in on the fun, too, responding to his claim it broke a record for the largest number of burgers sold in one day by one restaurant.

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