The Best Part-Time, Flex and Online Jobs for Students Check out these part-time jobs that you can take on during your time in college.

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When you're studying in university, finding a part-time job can feel daunting, as your main priority might be studying, building friendships and relationships, and carving out your bigger picture dreams! Learning to balance a part-time job will not only help you learn work ethic and balance, but it can also give you more financial freedom early on. Consider the following roles when looking at part-time university jobs.

Brand ambassador

Average salary: $33,648/yr

Number of openings: 3011

A brand ambassador is someone who represents certain brands and hands out swag and merchandise at events. They generate positive brand awareness and sales. This is a great job because on top of paying well, it allows you to grab shifts when you're available and say no to work when you're busy. On top of that, it's also loads of fun!

Teaching assistant

Average salary: $28,641/yr

Number of job openings: 380

Many professors will require teaching assistants to help them grade papers, run tutorials, and invigilate exams. This is an opportunity for students looking to stay close to campus and build connections with professors. While positions are competitive, applications are usually taken at the beginning of each semester. The jobs are usually announced in class or through department wide emails.


Average salary: $20,540

Number of job openings: 43,923

Love working in food but don't want the stress or schedule commitment of working in a restaurant? Catering is a great way to make money, have a flexible schedule, work in food, and meet new people! Look for a catering company in your area or reach out to a large restaurant to see if they hire staff for just catered events. You usually get to go to fun events and the work is not too difficult – plus, most catering company's pay really well and don't require you to have a set schedule, meaning you can sign up to work events when you are available.

Online tutor

Average salary: $23,345

Number of job openings: 10,299

Do you love math and science? Are you interested in teaching others English? Are you an excellent student that could help out other students? Tutoring is a great way to help your peers and earn money – plus, it's kind of like studying too, so in a way, you're doing three things at once, and getting paid! Whether you want to tutor other students at your school directly or just anyone anywhere, there are many online opportunities to tutor that usually are flexible and allow you to set your schedule.

Remote social media specialist

Average salary: $50,173

Number of job openings: 239

The nice thing about our digital and connected world is that there are lots of jobs within the social media industry – and most of them can be done from home! If you are in college you are probably already tech-savvy and connected to the social media universe, so why not get paid for being on Instagram, Facebook and such?!


Average salary: $22,674

Number of job openings: 3,211

Okay, you might be used to walking by or ignoring canvassers on the street, these jobs are pretty important and offer decent pay and a flexible schedule – making it the perfect job for a college student! We suggest finding a cause or organization you truly believe in and looking for a position as a canvasser for them – that way you can show your support while also earning an income and hey, it will look good on your resume too!

Remote Content Writer

Average salary: $48,729

Number of job openings: 679

As a remote content writer, you can write from, well, anywhere! The actual content might depend on your skills, knowledge or the company, but if you have a general interest in a topic, you can always apply to be a specific type of content writer. If you enjoy writing, this is a great way to may some extra or easy part-time cash that you can do from your dorm! Plus – it will give you experience should you pursue a writing career in the future!

Dog Walker

Average salary: $30,077

Number of job openings: 1,770

If you are a dog lover and want to be able to see dogs every day while making money – then pet sitting and walking is the job for you! There are lots of companies out there these days that can help connect you with pets that need to be walked or cared for while their owner is busy. Miss your dog from home? Want to get away from campus and hang out with a dog while being paid. Do we need to say anymore?

Delivery Driver

Average salary: $27,949

Number of job opening: 18,304

Depending on your location and whether or not you have a driver's license, delivery driving can be an easy way to make some money while in school. Most delivery jobs offer different and flexible schedule options, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a schedule that would work for your academic one! Plus, it can be a fun way to get around your city and if you choose something fun to deliver (flowers, produce, meals, etc.,) you will usually get to interact with customers that are happy to see you!


Average salary: $37,830/yr

Number of job openings: 19,365

With the right amount of networking and research, you can find an internship that will allow you to gain relevant skills in the field that you're working towards. Many internships can span throughout the entire semester, and can be part-time or full time, and even allow you to work from home.

Research assistant

Average salary: $29,098/yr

Number of job openings: 16,030

Most academic institutions will conduct research internally with professors leading their own research laboratories. While many of these positions are volunteer-based, some professors will offer stipends or hourly wages to students. This is a great way to work on campus, build your research skills, and get paid! At the beginning of each semester, speak to all your professors and discuss what opportunities might be available.

Restaurant server

Average salary: $23,271/yr

Number of job openings: 75,889

You can find serving jobs at cafes, cafeterias, and restaurants right on campus. You can also find local establishments where you can work part-time, or private caterers that require wait staff for events. As a server, you get great flexibility in your shifts, and the opportunity to make a lot of money through your hourly wage and tips. It's also a great way to sharpen your people skills.

Retail sales associate

Average salary: $31,158/yr

Number of job openings: 19,921

The ability to sell is a skill that everyone, across industries can benefit from developing. As a sales associate at a local retail store, you can begin developing those skills as you work with customers to meet your sales quotas. Other benefits of this kind of work include a flexible work schedule with changing semesters and store discounts of course!

Receptionist work

Average salary: $29,844/yr

Number of job openings: 14,485

Any office will require a friendly receptionist to answer the phone and greet people. As a student, this kind of work will keep you busy at peak hours, but allow you to squeeze in schoolwork during down time. These kinds of jobs can be found on local job boards.

Data entry work

Average salary: $31,585

Number of job openings: 823

Data entry can pay well, allow you to work from home, and be flexible with your schedule. Data work is administrative in nature and can be in the realm of accounting data, or any other data an employer might need organized or digitized. It's a great way to learn patience, and attention to detail.

If you've not yet built yourself a resume, download a resume template and get writing! Each job you have will help you build valuable skills that payoff in the long run and contribute to your professional toolbox. Whether you're looking to make some extra cash for the weekends, start building your career with a career related job, or find a convenient job on campus, there are endless opportunities to start building new skills while getting paid!

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