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Round of A-Paws: UPS Driver Heroically Saves Dogs From Pool

Colin Mitchell was dropping off packages on his route in Iowa when he heard noises coming from the backyard.


Paws up for this one!

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

A UPS driver made a life-saving decision while delivering packages this week in rural Iowa.

Driver Colin Mitchell was dropping off packages in Ireton, Iowa when he heard noises coming from the backyard, KTIV reported.

Mitchell noticed two dogs swimming around in the above-ground backyard pool and tried to notify the homeowners, only to find that no one was home.

In a classic case of trusting your gut, Mitchell said that he "didn't feel right" getting back into the truck, so he went over to check on the dogs and saw that they were trapped under the pool's solar cover.

Mitchell was able to rescue the pups, Groot and Remy, and let them out before continuing on his way.

The dogs are reportedly happy and healthy, and the owners thanked Mitchell for his help, noting that they didn't come home until hours after the ordeal.

Entrepreneur has reached out to UPS for comment.

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UPS drivers often meet precious pups on their routes; there's even a 30,000-person dedicated Facebook page for drivers to post photos of the four-legged friends they make while on the clock.

Mitchell's story was posted in the group, where he was praised as a "hero" by dog-lovers and fellow drivers alike.

"Hats off to him," one Facebook user wrote.

We'll raise our brown hats to Mitchell's lifesaving actions any day!

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