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Dreaming of Ski Season? Getting Tickets for Your Favorite Resorts Just Got More Difficult.

A big change is coming in the wake of last season's #VailFail moment.


The new snowfall on some of 's highest peaks on Monday didn't go unnoticed by ardent skiers, prompting Vail Resorts to announce projected opening dates for its five resorts in the state — with the earliest set for "mid-October."

Vail Resorts' mountains remain immensely popular for skiers and snowboarders alike and were a bit too popular last year, resulting in a cap on admissions this season.

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"People say, 'The mountain is too crowded. We don't want any new people here. Go home, tourists. You aren't a real skier,'" Kirsten Lynch, the CEO of Vail Resorts, which owns 36 properties in the United States, told The New York Times in February.

Despite sky-high season pass prices (the full pass was marked down to $783 from $979), droves of skiers gave rise to Instagram's trending #VailFail hashtag, which spotlighted customers' experiences with lengthy lift lines and lack of staff.

Now, Vail Resorts is responding to that criticism, per The Denver Post.

To "prioritize the guest experience at each mountain," daily lift ticket sales will be limited. Additionally, Vail Resorts spokesperson Lindsay Hogan emphasized the 18 new lifts the company has added across its resorts and the $175 million it's investing in employee needs, including raises and affordable housing.

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Vail Resorts, Inc. was up 3.42% month over month as of this morning.

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