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Watch Live as Fish Swim by Microsoft's Giant Undersea Data Center

Just keep swimming.


You'll be forgiven for thinking that data storage isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but Microsoft is providing some interesting visuals at its undersea data center initiative.


Called Project Natick, the software giant installed a data center that contains 27,600 terabytes of storage off the coast of Scotland earlier this summer. Its goal is to improve the signal response time for people who live within 200 kilometers of an ocean -- about half of the world's population -- and develop a sustainable data center, made from recyclable materials, creating zero waste and running entirely on green energy.

With that environmentally friendly aim in mind, the Project Natick team set up cameras around the data center to get a fish eye's view of the proceedings. There are probably cooler things at the bottom of the ocean -- buried treasure, haunted ships. But if you want to give your brain a break today, check out the livestream of Microsoft's aquatic neighbors doing their thing.

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