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What We Want in the iPhone 7 Sure, the iPhone 6 just came out. But let's be honest. It's far from perfect.

By Karyne Levy

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

The iPhone 6 was just released into the wild last week, and so far it's selling like crazy.

People are loving the bigger screen, the better camera specs, and the new larger sizes.

Leading up to the Apple event on Sept. 9, though, there was a ton of speculation and rumors bouncing around about what the iPhone 6 would possibly have. We pretty much knew the device would come in two sizes as far back as February. And we even had an inkling that the camera lens would protrude.

But then there are the rumors that didn't pan out. So let's raise a glass to those guys, and hopefully we'll see them in the next iteration of the phone, or at least the iPhone 7 a few years from now.

Sapphire glass

We thought we'd see GT Advanced Technology's ultra-durable sapphire glass on the iPhone 6 display, but Apple only put it on the camera. It's also going to be used in the upcoming Apple Watch.

Sapphire is more scratch resistant than Corning's Gorilla Glass, which has been used on previous iPhone models.

Upgrading the iPhone's display would make buying the pricey phones that much more bearable.

A reversible USB charger

When Apple replaced the 30-pin connector with the reversible Lightning cable, Macheads jumped for joy.

Introducing a reversible USB cable is a little thing that would improve the iPhone user experience, especially for people who find themselves glued to their phones.

Wireless charging

While we're on the topic of charging, wireless charging would be a major perk for the iPhone 7.

The technology already exists, Apple just needs to scale it for the masses.

An even higher-resolution screen

We realize the iPhone 6 just gave users a major display upgrade, but we think there's no such thing as a display with too many pixels.

Since Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, users will be watching even more video, and they'll need a display with the resolution to match.

Better battery life

The iPhone 6 may have a better battery than its predecessors, but iPhone users have always wanted better battery life, and they always will.

A replaceable battery

A replaceable battery is something Android users have long held over iPhone users.

A pop-out battery would making replacing the battery exponentially easier and prolong the iPhone's replacement cycle.

A 32GB storage option

When the iPhone 6 came out, Apple insider John Gruber had just one question: Where's the 32GB model?

We agree with Gruber. Apple should nix the 16GB iPhone and give the base model 32GB of storage, enough for most people's music and photos.

Removable storage

Although we don't think Apple will add removable storage to the iPhone anytime soon, it would making customizing the smartphone a whole lot easier, and potentially less expensive.

A better front-facing camera

Now that apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp have become ubiquitous, a high-quality selfie camera is more important than ever.

We won't stop asking for a better front-facing camera until selfies look like they were shot by professionals.

More color options

Apple likes to present the iPhone in sleek colors like silver, gray, and gold, but what about a red iPhone?

We think the iPhone deserves as much customization as Apple has in store for the Apple Watch.

Haptic feedback, like in the Apple Watch

Haptic feedback -- which is when your phone vibrates when you touch something -- would be great for things like typing. What if the keyboard vibrated a little when you made a typo?

This technology is already in the Apple Watch, it would be great if it made an appearance on the iPhone 7.

A programmable Home button

The Home button is already used to talk to Siri and return users to their home screen, but we think there are situation-specific opportunities to use the Home button for other functions.

It would be cool if you could program it to, say, open the Camera if you tapped it three times. Or maybe a double-long-press could open up your Spotify app.


To top it all off, a waterproof iPhone 7 would be fantastic. Samsung has already begun waterproofing its smartphones.

Obviously this shouldn't come at the expense of the iPhone's sleek form factor, but it would be yet another reason for Apple fans to wait in line for the company's next flagship device.

Karyne Levy is the Senior West Coast Tech Editor. Previously she was the Assistant Managing Editor at CNET, where she also hosted Rumor Has It on CNET TV.

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