Where Modern Meets Traditional At Clarbec Wines guests can sample, robust award winning wines that are almost entirely free of chemical applicants.

Where Modern Meets Traditional

Clarbec Wines
Glen Ellen, California

For more than a century, strong-minded women have made an invaluable impact on Sonoma County and Glen Oaks Ranch, the land that now grows Clarbec wines. The legacy began with Ellen Stuart, whose husband first planted grapes in 1860. After his death, Ellen took over management of the estate and became one of California's first female winemakers. More than 120 years later, another female owner, Joan Cochran, had the estate placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In her will, she left the Sonoma Land Trust a 163-acre wild preserve, a historic area of more than 60 acres, and a 46-acre parcel for grape production.

Becky and Clarence Jenkins, who were given the right to plant and farm grapes on Glen Oaks Ranch in 2002, are the third generation in the family to work the soils of Sonoma Valley. Clarence alone has more than 45 years of vineyard experience.

The Jenkins family employs a variety of both modern and traditional practices to create unique wines. "Clarence knows how to manage a vineyard to its maximum potential and has produced tons of high-quality grapes in the Sonoma area. With Clarbec, we just took the next logical step: making an exceptional wine from vineyards that have been farmed sustainably and responsibly by our family," Becky says.

Working with Chief of Winery Operations Isaac Jenkins, Chief of Vineyards Operations and Master Gardener Linda Hale makes sustainable agriculture a reality while creating the finest wines. By making use of an insectory, which attracts insects that eat harmful pests, Clarbec has been able to produce quality wines while seriously reducing the need for chemical applicants.

These efforts have proven successful through a series of awards, including two gold medals at the California State Fair and two Best of Class awards from the Sonoma Valley Wine Competition in 2009. The legacy of several Sonoma County pioneers, both past and present, both male and female, is alive today in each distinctive bottle of Clarbec wine.

What To Buy:
ག Cabernet
Sauvignon Smooth, berry, cherry $35
ཁ Glen Oaks Ranch Cabernet SauvignonPlum, cherry, black currant, French oak, anise, mint, herb $35
ང Pinot Gris Clarbec VineyardLemon citrus, apricot, honeydew melon, pear, honeysuckle, sweet cream $14.50

707.996.4012; Fax: 707.996.6884
13301 Hwy 12
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Vineyard Tours and Tastings by Appointment Only

Getting There:
Directions to Glen Oaks Ranch can be found on the website or by calling the winery.

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