Career Coach

Startup Costs: $2,000 - $10,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? Yes


As a career coach you would be in a position to help your clients articulate their work goals and take concrete action to make them happen. If you thrive in moments of transition, and have a problem solving mentality, this could be the route for you. As far as a client base, you could take on people looking for a pre-retirement gig, young grads looking to get their foot in the door or someone looking to change industries entirely. As far as the skills you’ll need, listening and an understanding of the markets your clients are operating in are key. A background in counseling, psychology, or human resources could also serve you well. In addition to long term clients, you could offer one off consultations, speaking engagements and expand into writing blog posts, podcasting or vlogging on your areas of expertise. 


How much money can you make?

The average career coach salary is $43,275, according to careers site PayScale. Similarly, Glassdoor puts the average salary for career coaches at $45,390. 

What’s the most important thing to know about this business?

“Try answering for yourself ‘Personally, what can I offer my client in terms of an area of expertise in addition to the professional training as a coach?’ Once you have established your main area of coaching like business, personal or career coaching, you can zero in on a niche within that to build subject matter expertise and a reputation which people seek out. This will help you become a sought-after coach from a targeted population who are seeking out those kind of experiences which only you can offer.” - Safiyah Satterwhite, performance coach for wellness and social entrepreneurs 

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