Business Idea Center - Business Services

Site-Sign Installation Service

Help other businesses with advertising opps where they're working.

Personal Assistant

Busy executives and business owners can use your help with everything from answering phones to purchasing gifts.

Association Manager

Handle the management tasks that association members don't have time to tackle.

Book Indexing Service

Are you a master organizer? Try book indexing.

Referral Service

Help people find businesses that can help them out.

Flier Distribution Service

Help clients distribute fliers with this low-cost advertising method.

Red Carpet Service

Make a business out of giving parties the Hollywood treatment. Red carpets, valet service and emcees are just some ideas for this event planning service.

Freight Broker

Match shippers and transportation services as a freight broker.

Home Office Planner

Think you have the key to office space success? Help entrepreneurs design their home bases.

Launch Service

Help businesses launch their products and services.


Help people when they're locked out and need assistance.

Logo Design

Here's a quick guide on how to get paid for creating logos.

Management Consulting and Training

Help other entrepreneurs train top-notch management.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Use your marketing expertise to help others grow their businesses.

Notary Public

Be the go-to person when others need forms notarized.