Business Idea Center - Page: 3 - Business Services

Photo ID Service

Each year, millions of dollars worth of property are stolen out of homes and offices. With a photo ID service that burns proof of property onto a CD, this service really does take care of business.

One Hour Photo Lab

Do you enjoy seeing a finished product? Consider film development with a one hour photo lab.

Ministorage Center

With businesses popping up at a record rate, the ministorage industry is growing bigger everyday.

Shared Office Center

Got office space? Monthly rent can be expensive for small businesses, but offering up a shared office center is a win-win situation for you and your small business tenants.

Copy Sales

With the growing popularity of running businesses or working at home, a copy center can offer a range of services for people who lack office equipment.

Corporate Videos

Move over YouTube. Shooting corporate videos for promotions and training is the next big video venture.

Mobile Paper Shredding

Looking for a green business? Do your part in taking care of the environment by shredding mass amounts of papers to be recycled.

Portable Storage Service

A portable storage service resonates with good things coming in small packages.

Site Sign Installation Service

Temporarily install company site signs in front of customers' homes being worked on by renovation or other improvement companies.

Public Opinion Survey Service

Research key public opinions to keep clients informed on who their audience is.

Online Business Brokerage

Connect people from far and wide with an online business brokerage.

Hotel Art Supply

Hotels need a lot of artwork for their many walls--and you can supply it.

Collection Agency

It's a tough job, but someone needs to do it.

Headhunter Service

Help find ideal candidates for companies as a headhunter.

Independent Sales Consultant

Years of sales experience could make you a great sales consultant.