Business Idea Center - Page: 7 - Business Services

Dry Cleaning Delivery

Make people's lives a little easier by delivering their dry cleaning.

Employee Trainer

Help whip a business into shape by becoming an employee trainer.

Flea Market Organizer

Bring great deals to the masses by organizing a flea market.

Executive Organizer

Head straight to the top to get the boss organized and see the effect trickle down.

Executive Recruiter

Match execs with the companies who want them most.

Freelance Sales Consultant

Have the secrets to improving sales? Teach others.

Medical Transcriptions

Help doctors get through their daily duties by transcribing their notes.

Mystery Shopper

Are you a stickler for quality customer service? Consider being a mystery shopper.

Packing/Unpacking Service

Do the packing and unpacking work that clients don't have time to do themselves.


If you can decipher legal jargon, consider becoming a paralegal.

Personal Concierge

Help your client with tasks they're too busy to do on their own.

Professional Organizer

There are people out there whose homes have newspapers and files piled to the ceiling. They need your help.

Photo Inventory Service

Delve into the world of databases, organizing and inventory with a photo inventory service.

Private Investigator

Get paid to use your nosy nature as a private investigator.

Online Business Directory

Create a complete digital platform company under one roof, encompassing services like lead generation and marketing.