Business Idea Center - Travel

Adventure Travel Agent

Turn your passion for travel and love of adventure into a business that lets people live their dreams.

Off Road Tours

Stay off the beaten track of 9 to 5 and start your business on a different path.

Kayak Tours

If you love being outdoors and on the water, start a business giving kayak tours.

Extreme Adventure Trips

This business will keep you on the edges of life.

Travel Agent

It's a high-flying business that's experiencing a rebirth.

Specialty Travel

Don't just start a travel business--have a specific niche.

Adventure Clubs

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Help introduce others to your favorite extreme activities.

Airport Shuttle Service

For those who don't mind the red eyes, an airport shuttle service is a practical business with an assured customer base.

Tour Guide

Set your sights on a business that shows the sites.

Community Tour Guide

Earn money by taking people for a walk on the local side.

Cruise Ship Travel Agent

Help cruisers connect with their perfect vacations.

Bed and Breakfast

Create a cozy spot for travelers to rest with a B&B.

Airbnb Host

If you're willing to rent out a spare room or even your entire home, Airbnb offers you an avenue for creating an income.

Travel Influencer

In 2021, 38% of adults used social media to plan their trips, so the time is perfect to add your talent to the rapidly growing market of influencers these media platforms rely on.