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Special Occasion Yard Cutouts

Startup Costs:
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? No

You can design and build your own special occasion yard cutouts, such as a stork for birth announcements, bells for a wedding, or a cap for a graduation. Or you can purchase predesigned and constructed special occasion yard cutouts to get this unique advertising business off the ground. Clients typically include people who want to surprise their friends and family with the cutouts or who want to announce special events to the neighborhood. People will want to rent the yard cards for different time increments--one day (great for showers or parties), three days, seven days or 10 days. The price averages $25 to $40 per day, including delivery, installation and pickup, and gets cheaper the longer the customer rents it. This business isn't going to make you rich, but you can earn a terrific part-time income from home with this business.

The Market

Your customers are celebrating milestones in their lives--birthdays, new babies, weddings, graduations. It's essential for you to partner with like-minded companies (children's stores, announcement companies, wedding and event planners, even landscapers and lawn-care services) to get leads.

Needed Equipment

If you are manufacturing the signs yourself, you'll need all the woodworking and painting tools necessary to create the signs. You'll also need a vehicle to deliver the cutouts.