Abdullah Faisal Alothman

Founder and Co-Chairman, Geidea Financial Tech and AO Holdings

An entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Faisal Alothman is the founder and Co-Chairman of Geidea Financial Tech and AO Holdings, as well as the co-founder of United Lemar Company Ltd.


Starting a Business

Competitive Advantage: Exploring The Middle East's Potential To Become A Global Fintech Hub

Investment in Middle Eastern fintech companies is expected to grow to around US$2 billion in venture capital by 2022, which will fund 465 fintech companies, an increase from $80 million that was raised by 30 fintech companies in 2017.


How Fintech Can Help Ensure The Survival Of SMEs In The Middle East

Improving financial inclusion for SMEs could boost annual economic growth by 1% per year, and also lead to a potential 16 million jobs by 2025 in the Middle East and Central Asia regions.

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