Adam Man-Cheung

Operating Director, Michael Page, Middle East

Adam Man-Cheung is the Operating Director of the UAE Finance, Banking and Secretarial teams for the Michael Page, Middle East. He is responsible for a team of consultants who cover executive c-level positions through to middle management finance and banking roles. During his tenure within the Group, he has specialized in key hires for both local and MNC organizations. His sector coverage includes, but is not limited to oil & gas, banking & financial services, FMCG, retail, hospitality engineering, manufacturing, shipping, mining, consultancies and business services. Adam has nine years of specific Middle East Finance experience, and originally joined Michael Page in 2003, where one of his achievements was setting up a brand new office in Kent. He graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK in 2002 with an Accounting and Finance degree. 


Growth Strategies

The CFO Of The Future (No, They Are Not Just The "Finance Guy")

The number of hats worn by the CFO, who was initially a finance manager, or, more generically, a "finance guy," has grown.

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