Ahmed Rashad

Business Development Consultant and Leadership Coach

Ahmed Rashad is a Business Development Consultant and Leadership Coach focused on helping fast growing innovative organizations in the MENA region avoid the curse of the one-person show by strengthening their business development and leadership capabilities. Ahmed has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and specialty chemicals companies in the United States and the Middle East. He can be contacted via email on ahmed.rashad@jeiwar.com. 



The How-To: A Guide To Building An Excellent Customer Experience Strategy

Businesses need to focus on customer experience to set themselves apart from their competitors.


The Importance Of Personal Branding For MENA Entrepreneurs

In marketing, "perception is reality," and people's perception of you and who you are becomes your reality and reputation.


Leadership Doesn't Mean Running A One-Person Show

The curse of the one-person show is a serious disease in many private and public institutions that affect its effectiveness, survival and profitability.

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