Brooke Boyschau

Co-founder, Atteline

Brooke Boyschau is the co-founder of Atteline, a fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle PR agency leveraging global experience, regional insight and local expertise to package, protect and propel the brands they believe in across the pop-culture landscape


Growth Strategies

Reputation Recovery: Why Businesses Should Have A Strategy In Place For When A Crisis Hits

Once upon a time, in an "offline" era, sticky issues could be tightly managed and quietly dealt with. Yet in the digital age, people -and businesses- don't often screw up in silence.


The Route To The Top For Women In The Workplace

The cumulative wage gap between men and women is more than the price of a house.

Growth Strategies

Six Ways To Help Empower Female Employees At The Workplace

With continued conversation and support, women are taking the initiative to set expectations about leadership diversity like never before.


Why Thinking Like A Startup Can Help You Win In Today's Competitive Business Environment

Seize the startup mindset, and watch your creativity and imagination light up like a roman candle.

Growth Strategies

The Perfect Work Environment Has To Be One That Does Not Feel Like, Well, Work

Most employees want and need is a "feel good" space, conducive to focus, self-expression, privacy, collaboration, productivity, good health, and lifestyle convenience.


Five Steps To Delivering On The Philosophy Of Client First, Money Second

Going the extra mile for your clients ensures a long-term relationship that lasts through thick and thin.

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