Carole Khalife

Head of Human Capital and Employee Benefits, Al Futtaim Willis

Carole Khalife is Head of Human Capital and Employee Benefits at Al Futtaim Willis.

Carole earned her law degree in 2003 before starting her career in the field of medical insurance, joining one of the largest insurance groups in the Levant and GCC region. Since then she has built up extensive experience in the MENA region, supporting some of the largest regional and international organizations in the area of risk management, with a specific focus on medical and life insurance.

Carole joined Al Futtaim Willis in 2015, a joint venture between the Al Futtaim group (UAE) and Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory. She supports clients in turning risk into a path for growth through risk management and personalized approaches, customized according to each company’s core business. Carole is passionate about innovation, people and continuous improvement.




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