Cheryl Tan

Founder, Tan Media LLC


Cheryl Tan is the founder of Tan Media LLC, a media strategy consulting company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Get more media & marketing tips at


Starting a Business

Want More Business? Try Building Solid Personal Relationships

It's critical for entrepreneurs to always be focused on building relationships, no matter where they are, or what stage they are in growing a company.

Growth Strategies

Seven Strategies To Market Yourself Better

Want to be seen as an expert in your field? Try these seven methods to let the world know about the expertise you already have.


Five Essentials For Your 2016 Content Marketing Plan

While looking ahead to 2016, don't forget to think about a content marketing plan that will serve to highlight your company's expertise.

Growth Strategies

Nine Lessons To Learn When You Are An Entrepreneur

Mix a little bit of passion with a fair amount of planning, and a business can grow up to be anything you want it to be.


Five Mistakes You're Making When Pitching The Media

This guide is designed to help both sides- the media outlet that needs the stories and you, the entrepreneur who has them.

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