Dany Farha


Dany Farha is the co-founder and CEO at BECO Capital, a venture capital firm that provides early stage growth capital and hands-on operational support for technology companies in the MENA region with a focus on the GCC. Farha has a 20-year track record in the region as a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. Prior to founding BECO Capital, Farha co-founded and exited Bayt.com, Butlers, the UAE’s largest commercial laundry company, and Intercat, one of the largest catering companies in the UAE. He was also a seed investor in Gonabit, a Middle East-focused daily deal website that was acquired by Living Social in 2011. A graduate from UCL in London in Management Sciences and Finance, he currently sits on the board of the Propertyfinder Group and several other portfolio companies.


Growth Strategies

Enabling A Vibrant MENA Technology Ecosystem Through Policy, Education, And Funding

We now need to configure our economies to allow for the new reality of technology entrepreneurship and innovation, which is a movement that will be led by both our youth and entrepreneurs.

Growth Strategies

Making An Impact On The MENA Startup Ecosystem: What We Learned, And What We Predict

Here's one prediction: the MENA will be taught as a case study in how to create a vibrant tech ecosystem in a very rapid order.


Understanding The VC Business Model

Investor Dany Farha addresses the business model of venture capital, and what it takes to for VCs to take calculated risks investing in startups: a strong entrepreneurial team that is mission-driven.

Growth Strategies

Swaying A VC In Your Favor: Five Questions That Can Make Or Break The Deal

When looking for potential businesses to invest in, here are the five things investment firm BECO Capital looks for in a startup.

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