Dipesh Depala & Ayman Fakoussa

Co-founders, The Qode

Dipesh Depala and Ayman Fakoussa, inducted into Endeavor in February 2015 at the 57th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Singapore, are entrepreneurs and co-founders of The Qode, an agency specializing in luxury public relations and events in the GCC. Operating mainly throughout the Middle East, Ayman and Dipesh founded The Qode in 2010 offering luxury companies in the Gulf region specially catered communication and event solutions that ensure their brands are at the forefront of the luxury consumer market. The company’s culture and experienced team have allowed it to become the  go-to firm for international brands entering the competitive Middle East luxury space. With a combined three decades of luxury market experience, Depala and Fakoussa have demonstrated a sound track record of communicating to niche clients in the MENA region.



Making Alliances Work For The Luxury Brand

With the advent of social media and the massive reach potential it has when utilized correctly, the recruitment of influencers as a means of promoting luxury products and services is increasingly prevalent.

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