Dr. Christiane Schloderer

Co-founder, Athena CFO

Dr. Christiane Schloderer is the co-founder of Athena CFO. Athena CFO supports investors and management of growing companies strategically throughout the company’s life cycle with their financial needs such as fundraising strategy and readiness (debt or equity), capital and share structure (incl. ESOP), reporting (investor or stakeholder), cash and profitability improvements, financial restructuring and more. Athena CFO’s team also takes part-time finance role responsibilities and operates a company’s finance function on an outsourced basis.

With experience as a Corporate CFO, Finance Specialist and Turnaround Expert, Dr. Christiane Schloderer has helped a joint venture in Saudi Arabia grow from 500 to 1000 employees in two years, has financed “unfinanceable businesses” and worked with a number of companies to increase performance.



Five Financial Elements Your Business Needs To Get Right (And Thus Gain A Competitive Advantage)

Fiive financial elements of your company that can be easily managed with a bit of attention, but can endanger the venture if not managed properly.

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