Dr. Elias Abboud

Founder and CEO, Pectiv

Dr. Elias Abboud is the founder and CEO of Pectiv, a femtech company specializing in nanotechnology-based sanitary products.

Since its inception in 2014, Pectiv has invested significant effort and research into creating feminine products that provide superior protection without using harsh chemicals or fragrances known to increase the likelihood of irritation and inflammation of intimate areas. The brand aims to become a leading advocate for women's health issues, and offers thoughtfully designed products made from innovative materials that provide an effective solution for all aspects of the monthly cycle. Backed by science and tested by leading gynaecologists across UAE, PECTIV's range of sanitary pads comes with a proprietary “anion” layer that prevents bacteria and candida build-up that is known to cause infections and unpleasant odours. The monthly subscription box, with free shipping, provides a private and stress-free experience to women, with all period essentials being delivered right to their doorsteps.

The visionary behind Pectiv, Dr. Elias Abboud is a seasoned pharmacist with a deep understanding of the Middle East’s healthcare landscape. Before founding Lenizer, the parent of Pectiv, Dr. Elias worked for some of the leading local and global pharma companies such as Pfizer, Barakat Pharmaceuticals, Amreet Medical, and Rama Pharma. Pectiv is the product of his expertise accrued over a decade and a robust academic foundation shaped by an MBA from the American International University and a master’s degree in pharmacy from the Zaporizhzhya State Medical University. 



Five Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From My Journey As A Startup Founder

"Given my experience with Pectiv, it is my earnest belief that solving customers' problems should be the overarching philosophy guiding a startup in any sector."

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