Dr. Kieran Mervyn

Dr. Kieran Mervyn currently teaches courses in leadership in the online MBA program at the University of Roehampton, London. He is the leader for the Learning and Leading in a Dynamic Era module, where Roehampton Online students examine skills and best practices relating to leadership in contemporary organizations. He is also co-director of AM2 Partners Ltd, a focused team of management and research consultants.


Starting a Business

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Those who are starting their own businesses are often driven by a quest for a real sense of purpose that goes beyond the day-to-day operations of a business.

Growth Strategies

How To Choose A MBA That Can Be Applied To Your Future Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Since MBA programs differ from one another, it's important to understand which ones will help contribute to the success of future entrepreneurial endeavors.


Trend Prediction 2015: Offline To Online (O2O)

With the web becoming a significant interface for offline transactions, the complex e-commerce space is witnessing a shift to more fluid and horizontal networked entities.

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