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Elan Group CEO Jaber Al Ansari On The Company Marking 12 Impactful Years

"When Elan was established 12 years ago, the advertising industry in Qatar was still nascent," remembers Jaber Al Ansari, Group CEO, Elan Group.


Know Your Competition: How Qatar-Based Ozone Studios Capitalized On Market Gaps

The founder says that they saw potential for their business in Qatar, as most production agencies operating there tend to stick to traditional approaches.


Taking The Lead: Daruna Development CEO Michael Murphy

The Daruna concept is simple; provide quality and affordable accommodations for the working community in Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and throughout the world.


Qatar-Based Metis Is All About Empowering Students In Their Academic Journeys

The startup empowers students with an academic planner designed to help students make the right course selection.


Urban Point's Founders Relocate To Qatar For Market Opportunity

UrbanPoint decided to move to Qatar to implement their plan, despite the fact that none of them had ever lived nor visited Doha before, being aware that Qatar was a fast-growing market with lots of governmental support for entrepreneurial initiatives.


Feeding The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem With Fresh Recruits: Injaz Qatar CEO Emad Al Khaja

The CEO of Injaz Qatar Emad Al Khaja discusses how the organization enhances the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Qatar by supporting the youth and the next generation of leaders in business.

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