Evgeniya Naumova

Vice President, Global Sales Network, Kaspersky

As Vice President, Global Sales Network at Kaspersky, Evgeniya Naumova is a driving force behind the company’s mission to build a safer future for clients across all business segments, from individual consumers to the Fortune 500. Naumova is at the forefront of the industry’s goal to educate and inform global business leaders and key decision makers on the latest developments in the fight against cybercriminals– solutions such as Kaspersky’s Adaptive Anomaly Control, which utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to adjust automatically to customers’ specific networks. By investing heavily in people and technology –including the creation of a fully customizable and secure-by-design operating system –and backed by a first-of-its-kind Global Transparency Initiative, Kaspersky is pushing forward with its promise to bring on the future and a world where technology improves all our lives.


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