Juan Jose de la Torre

Managing Parter, Virtus Digital

Juan Jose de la Torre (J.J.) is a digital, telco and media senior executive with almost two decades of experience across America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His drive and expertise has led to him to hold senior positions with global multinationals including IBM, Orange, TeliaSonera, Etisalat and Booz&Company.

In line with this and by creating and successfully trading three start-ups, J.J. combines a unique blend of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience. The founder of afkar.me (MENA’s 360 degrees incubator and accelerator), an angel investor for 14 startups, and startup mentor for more than 80 companies, he has also advised the UN and OECD in mobility and innovation subjects.

J.J. holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters from La Salle and an Industrial Engineer degree from Adolfo Ibanez.

Currently, J.J. is Managing Parter, Virtus Digital.

A former professional DJ, J.J. enjoys travelling and adventure sports. He currently lives in Dubai with his wife Maria and his two sons.


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