Juris Ulmanis

Co-founder, Experiential Simulations

Experiential learning advocate Juris Ulmanis has spent the past decade teaching entrepreneur- ship, marketing, and international business courses as a professor in universities across Europe. A former Motorolla executive for 18 years in Europe and the U.S., Ulmanis left the company to explore his own entrepreneuria lideas as a co-founder, including his latest experimental learning and simulation company: Experiential Simulations. In demand as a speaker and media commentator, Ulmanis trains, consults, and mentors business leaders in entrepreneurship. The Vice-Chairman of the European Scout Foundation, he’s a champion of the organization’s ability to create creative leaders and embraces every risk-taking opportunity to reap the rich rewards of success.



Growth Strategies

Are Entrepreneurs Born, Or Are They Taught?

This is a question I have asked myself frequently during my 12 years of teaching business at universities around the world.


Game On: A New Model To Teach Entrepreneurship

Computer simulation games have long been popular with young adult learners who, as a generation with extended exposure to modern video games, are particularly receptive to a computer-enhanced learning platforms.

Growth Strategies

Myths About Entrepreneurship: Enterprise Go-Getters Don't Ascribe To Platitudes

Creating legends and impossible ideals might make for good stories, but the truth is less farfetched and more achievable to those willing to put these strategies in action.

Growth Strategies

Teaching 'Treps: Hard Market Experience And Real World Know-how Put To Use

There is an old saying that "those who can't do, teach." This may have sprung from a frustration with teachers not having real world experience.

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