Kazi Monirul Kabir

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Spider Digital Innovations

Kazi Monirul Kabir is a powerful, passionate, entrepreneurial, innovative and objective-driven leader with a global perspective and strong empathy for local realities. In his 15-year-career across FMCG, retail, advertising, telecom, media and internet industries, he has set examples of how a deep understanding of people, culture and beliefs can give birth to great ideas, reveal hidden opportunities and inspire people to drive growth of business and societies. Currently as founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Spider Digital Innovations, Monirul is working to develop and co-create solutions to help clients in redesigning their business models, recreating their customer experiences and transforming their operations for the digital age.

Before taking up his current gigs in the international markets for digital transformation and innovation, Monirul was busy rolling out Google Ops in emerging markets. He also served as the youngest CCO on the management team of Grameenphone/Telenor Ltd. The subjects of creativity, innovation and design are close to Monirul’s heart, and this is what drives his zeal when working as a member of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In 2011, Monirul founded a social innovation lab named Carefountain.org, and is actively involved in scaling it now. He is also board member and advisor to a number of very interesting startups.



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AI is not one technology, but an ensemble of technologies that can add superior intelligence and complex discerning ability to machines.

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