Kelly Lundberg

Founder, The S.Academy

Kelly Lundberg is one of the most diverse business entrepreneurs to have emerged out of the styling world to date. Gaining notoriety as a celebrity stylist, she has since propelled herself to an award-winning business owner, business mentor, and international speaker. Lundberg garners an ever growing loyal following across several social media platforms, from which she shares her business knowledge, personal branding and style advice with practical tools for self-empowerment.

By combining the best in catwalk and commerce, Kelly launched The S.Academy, mentoring aspiring stylists and aspiring lifestyle business owners on how to launch and grow their very own profitable business and personal brand. She also has a number of bestselling books under her Hermès belt, plus regularly hosts and presents keynote speeches and motivational sessions across the world on a host of entrepreneurship and style led topics, such as her powerful TEDx Talk entitled The Currency of Life.  


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