Madalina Rotaru

CEO, Key Way Markets Ltd

Madalina Rotaru is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Key Way Markets Ltd, the operating company of leading global multi-license broker, and Chief Operating Officer of Key Way Group Ltd. With extensive expertise and a wealth of experience in the financial services domain to draw upon, Madalina leads by example, playing an integral role in the company’s continued growth and development. 


Women Entrepreneur®

Women In Finance: Time To Do Away With The Glass Ceiling

More women are making their mark in the traditionally male-dominated finance industry, but they remain underrepresented in leadership positions.

Growth Strategies

How To Build A Diverse Online Investor Portfolio In A Volatile Financial Market

Starting out in the financial marketplace can be intimidating, and with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing with it periods of market volatility, building the right portfolio can be challenging for first-time investors.

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