Maria Paula Oliveira

Innovation Leader, EY MENA

Maria Paula Oliveira (MP) is the Innovation Leader for EY MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Her mission is to ensure the company has strong “innovation muscles”: the right skills, processes, and capabilities to thrive through change.

Four times innovation leader and twice an entrepreneur, MP has relevant experience in Latin America, USA, Asia Pacific, and Middle East.

Under MP’s leadership, EY MENA was awarded “Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise” in 2019, and MP herself was presented with the “Excellence in Innovation” award by the Women Leadership Awards in the Arab World, in 2020. Additionally, she was recognized as one of the most influential corporate leaders in Singapore, in 2017.

Passionate about all-things innovation, MP is particularly interested in how startups and corporations collaborate to create disruptive offerings.


Growth Strategies

Training For The Future: How Businesses Can Build Their "Innovation Muscles"

Similar to what happens with the human body, a company's strengthening of its innovation muscles will bring benefits in the short term, but it is only in the long term that the main gains will be felt.

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