Marilyn Zakhour

Founder and CEO of Cosmic Centaurs

Marilyn Zakhour is the founder and CEO of Cosmic Centaurs, a consulting, training, insights, and technology company helping organizations build and reimagine the future of work and learning. She has experience in organizations of all sizes and knows how to bring the agility of small startups to big corporations.

Previously Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, and Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn holds an executive MBA from INSEAD. She has also spent 10 years in the startup world, building and running digital native companies.

Marilyn is a strong believer that regardless of industry, country, profession, and context, value creation is about creating a safe space and a clear process for teams to collaborate and create freely.



Leadership In The Era Of Uncertainty: Great Companies Are Built In Difficult Times

Our employees, teammates, and managers have been losing steam at times throughout 2020, and leaders have had to find ways to re-energize their organizations.

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