Mark Hirst

Founder and CEO, Blue Beetle

Mark Hirst is the founder and CEO of Blue Beetle, a full-service digital agency based in Dubai.

Hirst started Blue Beetle in early 2004, after having worked for a number of years in the UK and the Netherlands on various international multimedia projects. Within its 12 years of operation, Blue Beetle has grown into a comprehensive and integrated digital agency with prominent clients across all major industry sectors, including leading brands in hospitality, retail, F&B, technology, and property development/real estate.

As founder and CEO, Hirst is responsible for providing the vision, overall leadership and strategic management for Blue Beetle, as well as in ensuring the quality of the services provided. Hirst holds a BA in Industrial Design from Loughborough University in the UK. When he is not working, Hirst can be seen spending quality time with his friends and family, exercising and playing sports and exploring the great outdoors.



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