Medea Nocentini

Senior Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Global Ventures

Medea Nocentini is Senior Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Global Ventures, an international venture capital firm investing in startups with innovative business models and disruptive technologies, with the potential to transform emerging markets, and scale globally. She is also the co-founder and CEO of C3 (Companies Creating Change), a UAE-based social enterprise helping impact-driven entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa unlock their growth potential and maximize their positive impact on the community. 



Converging Ecosystems: Building Sustainable Businesses That Do Well (And Do Good)

Impact entrepreneurs are no longer outliers- they're critical players in driving positive change around the world.


The Influence Of Olivetti: Detailing The Impact (And Inspiration) A Purpose-Led Business Can Realize

"Camillo Olivetti inspired me to see any business as a potential force for good, and its impact on my personal life drove me to launch C3, or Companies Creating Change- a platform helping emerging changemakers use the power of business to make a change in the world."

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