Mita Srinivasan

Founder and Director of Market Buzz International

With more than 30-years’ experience in the Middle East, Mita is a communications specialist who lives and breathes technology. She set up Market Buzz to help B2B businesses of all sizes successfully leverage PR and communications to establish a reputation in their key market segments. She has successfully assisted with the launch of new products, services, and startup companies.

Mita is also the online editor for SME10x, a B2B SME news portal, and a charter member at TiE Dubai, the local chapter for an international non-profit organization, fostering and supporting entrepreneurship through their key programs around mentorship and education, among others.

Mita is an active proponent of social media, conducting training sessions and workshops to empower her clients, colleagues, and business partners to maximize the use of these creative tools for communication, and successfully building it into PR and marketing strategies. She loves giving back to the community, and is happy to mentor and support worthy causes.

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