Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba

Chairman, Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group

Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba has been the Chairman of Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba (MHAO) Group since 1995. Since taking over the family business, he has led the company with the focus and drive to further accelerate its upward trajectory of MHAO, securing additional big name brands for the company’s portfolio. Today, Al Otaiba has a wealth of experience in sales and operations management and boasts many prestigious and long-lasting business relationships with top global organizations, including Avis, Bosch, and Xerox. Looking to the future, Al Otaiba’s goal is clear: to make MHAO a household name synonymous with high-quality, throughout the UAE and beyond.



Building The Future: How The UAE Is Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Whether we are creating mentorship programs, collaborating with educational establishments, or putting forward strong entrepreneurial role models– there is much more we can do.

Growth Strategies

The Essential Qualities Every Family Business Needs To Survive

Generation on generation, the business grows, changes, and adapts. As CEOs age and have the will to step away from the daily management of the business, we must be ready to appoint new heirs. Yet, with each new leader, there should be a level of transformation of the company.

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