Mohammed Nosseir

Managing Director, Global Marketing Consultancy, Middle East Region

Mohammed Nosseir is the Managing Director of Global Marketing Consultancy, Middle East Region. He specializes in consulting to clients in the consumer goods and retail industries, primarily in the areas of growth and market entry strategies, target segmentation, value proposition and market potential assessment. He has worked and managed projects for leading international and regional companies in the Middle East and Europe. He has published several articles on marketing strategies and government reforms in a number of global and regional publications. Mohammed holds a BA from Ain Shams University in Cairo and is a Stanford (CDDRL) Fellow 2008, an Eisenhower Fellow 2009, and an Aspen Seminar Fellow 2011.


Growth Strategies

The Collaboration Vs. Competition Dilemma Among Business Executives

Executives' emerging ideas are self-stimulating and often "fall between two stools": should such ideas be shared with colleagues in the interest of better progress or should they be kept secret to enhance personal glory?

Growth Strategies

Integrity Matters: The Importance Of Ethics In The Consultancy Business

The consultancy business is a double-edged sword, often involving consultants in a conflict between serving their clients to the utmost of their knowledge and manipulating this knowledge to serve their own business interests.

Growth Strategies

Customizing Connections Between Companies And Customers

Company loyalty programs may have succeeded in maximizing sales revenues, but they have certainly failed in building true customer loyalty.


Shadowing The Competition- To Get Your Brand Ahead

Shadowing competitors might seem like a fulltime job. Indeed, that is exactly what it is– and it may require appointing a full-time marketer, for example, a Competitor Insight Manager.

Growth Strategies

Promoting (Innovative) Critical Thinking In The MENA Workplace

A new approach that encourages employees to practice critical thinking on a large scale, supporting the conception of more creative ideas.

Growth Strategies

Maximize Your Profitability: Making The Case For A Forward-Thinking Pricing Policy

It's important to anticipate well in advance the multiple factors affecting fluctuations in any price structure, and then to work on enhancing product competitiveness to persuade consumers to accept new product prices.

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