Dr. Naïma Chikhi

Researcher, Sorbonne University in Paris

Dr. Naïma Chikhi is a Researcher at Sorbonne University. Her areas of expertise include cultural development and strategies in the Arab region. She studied cultural management and holds a PhD degree in cultural policies from Sorbonne University. She has worked with international organizations and governments in the US, GCC, and Europe.



The Crucial Role Of Culture And Arts Education In Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential

Arts education serves as the fertile ground where these seeds of entrepreneurship are sown and nurtured.

Growth Strategies

Transformative Action: The Crucial Role Creative Industries Can Play In Realizing The GCC's Climate Agenda

The creative industries, mainly performing arts and craft design, stand as unsung heroes in the quest for sustainability.

Growth Strategies

The Role Of Culture (And Creativity) In Realizing Sustainable Development

Culture, like a sleeping giant, can be awakened to address the most pressing social and economic concerns.

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