Nerissa Low

Founder, Liht Organics

Nerissa Low, founder of Liht Organics is a multi-award winning financial practitioner, a self-made entrepreneur, and a speaker in the areas of finance and personal empowerment.

Nerissa has risen rapidly to the top of her field as a multiple qualifier of the coveted Million-Dollar Round Table reserved exclusively for the top 1% in the industry worldwide since her first year in the industry. Aside from her achievements as an individual performer, she has managed teams of financial consultants and was recognized as one of the top recruiters in the company.

Her success in the corporate financial world prepared her to launch her own business in the Wellness and Beauty space, specializing in organic skincare and makeup. Having recognized the missing element in the organic beauty industry worldwide, she wanted to fill this gap in the market with her own line of premium organic cosmetics, Liht Organics, to fulfil consumers’ demand for a comprehensive range of quality makeup that is safe yet high performing.

Liht Organics has proven its position as a strong contender in the cosmetics arena with beauty awards won for hero products in its range, and recognised for its efforts towards environmental consciousness with the Asia Enterprise Brand Award 2019. Her business acumen was also recognised when she was awarded with the highly coveted Women Entrepreneur Award and Singapore Prestige Class Award for Business Leadership and Excellence in 2019/2020.

A firm believer of holistic development, Nerissa spent years developing her personal growth and in her study of many different modalities saw her expand beyond the corporate and business world and into the personal empowerment space where she works with individuals, with a particular interest in young women, to guide them in discovering the pathway towards becoming their greatest selves. Through her involvement in community sponsorships, charities and educational workshops, she hopes to empower, share knowledge and inspire Asia’s next generation of women to live their lives to their fullest potential.


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