Oksana Tashakova

Co-founder, Quid Pro Quo (QPQ)

Oksana Tashakova is a serial entrepreneur with a flair for communications, branding and building relationships. A leading personal branding expert, entrepreneurship educator and business startup specialist, Oksana is also a regular columnist with a range of high end publications in UAE and other parts of the world.

She believes in helping business owners achieve growth in a stagnant economy and this has led her to establish and co-found Quid Pro Quo, an Exclusive Business Networking Platform for Serious Players and bespoke business matchmaking for a select group of discerning and distinguished players in the B2B arena. The revolutionary concept is poised to help businesses find real and meaningful connections in today’s volatile economy leading them to the road of success.

In her previous ventures as a founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, a premier entrepreneurship education company, she has organized the Millionaire Summit events where influential entrepreneurs enlighten business owners on hands-on strategies and ideas to grow existing business or build a successful business from ground up.


Growth Strategies

How Networking Can Increase Your Business' Net Worth

Every intelligent person involved in business knows to invest in money, but only the wise also invest in relationships.

Growth Strategies

UAE Vision 2021 Goals: The New Rules of Engagement

It is alignment with UAE goals, more than easy income and hours, which will contribute to Emirati flow into the private sector.


UAE Vision 2021 Goals: Entrepreneurship And Wellbeing In The UAE

The UAE is striving to increase the number of Emiratis working in the private sector as well as increasing overall entrepreneurship in the region.

Growth Strategies

Going Glocal: Home Grown Brands Have Distinct Advantages Over Its Competitors In The Market

It is the personal and unique lens that a local business offers of a country and culture that provides the best brand differentiation and value for SMEs.


Your Business Brand Is An Extension Of Your Personal Brand

Many small business owners don't recognize that personal branding is part of building a business brand.

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