Omar Chihane

Founder and CEO,

Omar Chihane is the founder and CEO of, a MENA-based online English language school, offering live, unlimited, and accredited English classes around the clock. Chaine holds an MBA from London Business School and has had a very successful corporate-level career in learning and development and sales management with multinational companies, such as Siemens, Nokia, and Microsoft, where he led both regional and global business units, achieving sales targets that exceeded US$100 million dollars and leading functions responsible for upskilling over 15,000 people.


Growth Strategies

Why The MENA Needs A Workforce That Is Proficient In English

The foremost driver of employability and the most sought-after skillset for employers in the MENA region is English proficiency. Yet, the MENA region unfortunately boasts the world's lowest English proficiency rate.

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